image2Exercise and taking care of the body has been a key focus in Jazmin’s life from a very young age. Seeing how much her body and her typical day to day benefited from a life of well-being, she pursued a career in helping others achieve those benefits.

Jazmin knows how hard it can be to find that motivation within yourself to start making healthy changes. That’s why she became a Personal Trainer in 2006 and then became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2009 from The Spa Tech Institute in Massachusetts. Over the next seven years, Jazmin served as a massage specialist in spas, chiropractors, and sports clubs before starting Winter Park Bodywork in beautiful central Florida.

Throughout the years, Jazmin has worked closely with clients who live with Muscular Dystrophy, Neuropathy and  Parkinson’s. She has also guided clients through bad car wrecks, broken necks, scoliosis, and pregnancies. She loves performing deep tissue massage and working on problematic areas. She strives to help improve lives by helping them maintain a healthy and able body.

Jazmin wants to help motivate and inspire others to feel good about themselves inside and out, mind and body.  Read what others have to say The goal is to treat our bodies with kindness, not criticism.  She is now accepting new clients at her practice in Winter Park.

Header Photo from Dallas Clayton